Constructive Public Policy Journalism Based in Convergence.
Thank you for your interest in the GREATER Jury Fellowship! The application should take about 10 minutes to complete. Wherever possible we have randomized selections to eliminate bias.

What is your background? *

The Juries need to have ideological balance or the process has no credibility. As one of many measures we will even pro-rate the quadrants' opinions to adjust for small variances of participation. The next two questions are meant to establish a minimum threshold. Subsequent trials may add even more layers for assurance.

I usually believe that Federal deficits are ______  for the economy? *

I usually believe that... *

What public policy do you want to put on trial? Think of a topic that could have consensus no matter how narrow, or at least vast supermajority support (85% and up). Please put it in the form of a single non-biased instigating question. E.g. How might we decide...if illegal drugs are a criminal and/or health issue? (the first beta trial) *

Why would you like to be a GREATER Jury Fellow? *

Your 100 word Bio (please use 3rd person) *

Real Name (We may allow aliases in the court room and jury room if the jurors agree) *

Email *

Thank you so much for your interest in convergent public policy, and for this fellowship application. By submitting this page you acknowledge that if selected you will have access to the trial data for articles and thesis as long as you participate minimally 90 minutes a week on average over the course of a trial, and that any improvements you offer will remain the property of the GREATER Jury. We'll be in touch soon. Let's b>

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